Refugees? Really!

Neither Congress, The State Department nor President Obama are serving the citizens of the United States in connection with National Security.  Instead of defunding Obama’s desire to bring 10,000 Syrian “refugees” to the United States in 2016, Congress funded bringing terrorists into our County.  75 to 80 % of these “refugees” are men between the ages of 20 and 40.

Before we get to the reasons we are not being kept safe, we need to state the difference between an immigrant and a refugee.  Immigrants move by choice and due to the promise of a better life.  Refugees move out due to fear of persecution caused by war, violence, political instability, aggression or due to their religious beliefs, caste or political. opinion.  “Immigrants usually are drawn by economic needs or they want to be close to relatives”.  “Refugees relocate due to fear and hardship caused by persecution due to war, religion or political opinion”.  I would pose to you that the “refugees” Obama wants to bring to the United States do not fit the definitions.  The term refugee was completely defined after the 1951 Geneva convention.

Congressmen, Senators and Cindy McCain (John McCain ‘s wife) have interviewed Syrians in the refugee camps located in Lebanon and Jordan.  They do not want to come to the U. S.  They want to return to Syria when the civil war is over.

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) head of the House Homeland Security Committee stated that Syrian refugees cannot be vetted for terrorist connections.  The Director of the FBI James Comey and Obama’s Director of National intelligence James Clapper have both issued similar warnings.  ISIS claims 4,000 jihadists are already in Europe and they will exploit the weakness in the U. S. refugee program to infiltrate the U. S.

Raqqa, Syria holds government offices where Syrian identity papers are issued.  They have been issuing fake identities to ISIS followers to allow their infiltration into Europe and the United States.  San Bernadino, CA is only the beginning of our problems.  From now on in my blog, I shall be calling Middle Eastern or African muslim ‘refugees” foreign invaders.



Author: shake1126

Retired political junkie who feels the need to comment on the mess our Country has gotten into under Obama. If nothing else this is an outlet for the frustration of many people who are dismayed and alarmed at that has been done to our Country.

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