Michelle Fields Has An Agenda

When the incident in Florida at Donald Trump’s golf resort happened I wondered what all the fuss was about. After I saw the videos I could not figure out why she said she was knocked to the ground. It was very apparent she was not knocked to the ground.

She worked for Breitbart at the time and they did not back her up in her story. Since Breitbart has an excellent reputation I again was trying to figure out what was going on now. If Breitbart believed it they would have backed her story.

Michelle tweeted a picture of her bruised arm to gain sympathy and reinforce her story. Frankly, with the thickness of her shirt and the short length of time Lewandowski may have touched her, there is no way he could have caused her bruises. It happened so quickly in two of the videos you cannot even see it.

Michelle had ample time to ask a question during the scrum. She chose not to do so. The secret service asked her twice to stand back when she was rushing Trump, but she kept going with a phone in one hand and a pen in the other hand. She touched Donald Trump twice before Lewandowski caught up with her.

Now Lewandowski has been charged with battery due to very lax Florida law. The Jupiter City police filed charges okayed by a prosecuting attorney who is on the 150 member panel backing Hillary Clinton in Florida. Why this matter was not dropped started to become somewhat clear.

I stumbled upon the real reason. Michelle’s mother is Xiomara Ayes Fields, a Honduran born activist who hates Donald Trump and opposes him vehemently. The elder Fields runs a nonprofit for illegals in LA receiving a substantial part of its funding from the U.S. and California taxpayers. A posting on a forum for the Honduran consulate in LA accused Fields of cheating illegal aliens. The money will be cut off if the illegals are deported and Trump makes America Great Again.

Xiomara has made many disparaging Trump statements which were deleted from her Facebook page. She tweeted to Michelle that Donald Trump may deport Michelle. 16 female so-called journalists signed a petition asking the Trump campaign to fire Corey Lewandowski. Their names are as follows: Dana Loesch; Katie Pavlich; Meghan McCain; S. C. Cupp; Mary Katherine Ham; Christine Rosen, Christina Hoff Sommers; Bethany Mandel, Emily Zanotti; Elisha Krauss; Karol Markowicz; Kirsten Soltis Anderson; Mona Charen; Sarah Rumpf; Brooke Rogers and Mary Chastain. They are entitled to their opinion but, I believe they jumped the gun and will rue signing this groundless petition when all the facts come out.

So all this innocence and the poor little me complaints are all a ruse. Just another reason you need to watch what the purported journalists are up to. Her boyfriend Jamie Weinstein, is also anti-Trump. His father was a big Republican donor. Jamie Weinstein was the first to promote Field’s story.

Michelle Fields claimed to be a Trump supporter. Do not believe her. She tweeted her mom that Cruz would crush Trump. Given her propensity to not tell the truth, her employer refusing to back her up and her mother’s loss of our tax dollars if Trump wins, why should we believe her?